Excerpt: Online Marketing Strategies

Note: This is an excerpt from my “case study” blog post on Oreo’s online social media marketing strategy.

There are several clues to prospective companies for making their mark in today’s online neighbourhood of social media.

Strategy 1. Incorporate online internet culture into marketing:

You are promoting your company online. In order to appeal to the internet culture of today, you should be aware of what is already popular in the said targeted internet culture. Wittily parodying the ones that are the most popular is a good start in terms of bringing recognition to your company.

Strategy 2. Incorporate popular “offline” culture into online marketing

You don’t have to hire celebrities immediately to promote your product. However, you should allude to popular culture and form correlations between the said culture into your corporation’s pursuits in order to not be out of date with the times.

Strategy 3. You have online fans. Use them to your marketing advantage.

Fans are the vehicle to drive your company to success. Offer your fans fun promotions and digital campaigns, and they will reward you with their loyalty and confidence in your company.

“Excerpt: Online Marketing Strategies” was published on June 3, 2013, which is part of my past internship work. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at https://vincentwongwanders.wordpress.com .

2 thoughts on “Excerpt: Online Marketing Strategies

    1. wongvincent Post author

      Integration, lots of it. Your main customer group is, of course important to the growth of the product. At the same time, you should not stay at that level – you should appeal to would-be customers beyond, in this case, the snack industry. I do not like to consider “would-be customers” as periphery. If it markets, it markets. Segregation of the intended from the “less” intended group of customers would hurt the marketing environment of the company in the long run.


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