Musing: Post-Maker Faire

When I sat down to write my musing on the maker faire, these are some of the many examples that I’ve been wowed by.

A giant mechanical steel serpent. Apple IIe monitors programmed to play the credits to Portal (Still Alive complementary). A music instrument that requires the user to physically move special nodes around to play a synthesized melody. Mobile phones powered and charged by pedaling a bicycle. And 3D printers. Lots and lots of 3D printers.

I have recorded down this paragraph in my notebook of musings at the annual Maker Faire in my personal notebook at the Pacific National Exhibition Forum in Vancouver, BC. This was my very first time checking out a local tech-craft convention, and I was definitely not disappointed. A technology geek-art craft congregation leaves little to be bored about. The crowd buzzed up and about. Folks from the Vancouver Hack Space were busy teaching kids how to build and craft their little electronic gadgets for as little as $3. I snapped pictures of a Star Wars AT-AT whiskey cabinet. I paused to take a gander at steampunk goggles and Fabuland Lego anthropomorphic minifigures. I ran into a good friend from past conventions. “Hey how’s it going?” “Not bad, and you?” “Have you checked out the Giant Metal Snake?” “Yeah I have.” “It’s awesome, hey?”

An individual walks past me wearing a LED hat, flashing its red lights for all to see and marvel. “Nice hat!” I complimented, though it seems as though he had paid me no mind. It would have been nice to get a brief chat about what had inspired him to make such a quirky little gadget.

All in all, Maker Faire was a blast. Not only was I continuously fascinated by the creative and out-of-the-box innovations these folks came up with, I also managed to catch up with a lot of friends that I have not seen in a long while. Great crafts, great people, and of course, a great event to boot.

“Musing: Post-Maker Faire” was published on June 3, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at

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