If I am going to write a series…

…it will be set in a high density setting inspired by Kowloon Walled City and the Chungking Mansions.

A concrete jungle and a mosaic of ethnicities, where people from all walks of life mingle, work, and live in the only place that may seem to welcome them. They have little proficiency to speak the native language of the outside world, the large street right outside the main entrance. Cheap restaurants, cheap guesthouses, and factories, some unlicensed, are hidden within the labyrinth. Watch your step, there’s a spaghetti of electronic cables. The lights are flickering. A man in a wife beater lights a cigarette next to the NO SMOKING sign. A cat meows.

There are footsteps and suddenly a young boy darts around the corner. The man puts out his cigarette and pushes past me, heading down the stairs. I was blinded by a flashlight aimed right at my face. The glare soon swayed aside and I was greeted by the sight of two policemen. Patrols. They looked at me, before continuing on with their business, passing me as they headed up the stairs.

Heading down the same corridor, I took a left and headed back to the guesthouse that I’ve set my bags down in. I made way for my room, fishing out my keys, hoping to get a glimpse of the sunset from the only avenue of light that I will see. Hours without light felt like days. I was tired and energy deprived, the adrenaline of traveling and negotiating the sudden dips in the floor and dank corridors wearing off.

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