Musing: On Leake Street

I still remember visiting London five to six years ago. It was definitely not my first time, though unfortunately I do not remember much of my past trips. All I remembered was Leake Street.

Leake Street is a dimly lit tunnel, the “Banksy Tunnel” so to speak. Graffiti art is kind of like rap lyrics, bringing out the magic of the urban essence of city life, it’s grit belly exposed out on a graffitied platter to the public. Freud would be proud to see his Unheimlich in action, the familiar being troubled, parodied, and critiqued. Today’s art is musings expressed in picture and words.

A white billboard is positioned outside the walls at one end of the street. Black lettering sternly (or humourously) authorizes, graffiti artists to use this space for their projects. At the same time, terms and conditions were outlined, ranging from the standard no racism and sexism to “You don’t have to be a gangster to paint here, so please don’t act like one”.

In hindsight, I feel as though my mind is Leake Street. I process all these sights and sounds from the city and the suburbs, and I mentally strategize ways to contribute witty ideas to the front lines. I thrive in settings and congregations promoting a free exchange of conversation, with everyone doing what they love to contribute to the bigger picture of society. The workplace’s boardroom and R&D department has the potential to be a mini “Leake Street” as the real deal during my visits to London.

“Musing: On Leake Street” was published on June 4, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

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