Article Response – Re: 24hrs Vancouver’s PlentyOfFish article

Regarding the 24hrs Vancouver’s PlentyOfFish article, it is difficult to create an online relationship site – emphasis on “relationship” necessary – when a significant population of netizens narrowly link the goals of relationship-building with getting laid in bed. My response to CEO Markus Frind’s critical decision is positive with a capital P.

To reiterate, the said population of netizens see a website for relationship-building and immediately conflate it with an avenue for hooking up. I admit, there is no such thing as a set-in-stone flowchart as to how one can conduct oneself in a social space, especially in an online social network where anonymity reigns.

I personally have not tried online dating, and I never will. I would rather learn about a person I am interested in in real life then move onto IM and Skype networks with the said person once a certain level of trust has been built. At least this is just me. I do admit that the online community has been given a bad rep as male clients reproduce their masculine dominant norms, exercising, reinforcing, and exaggerating their gender expectations at the expense of women and other genders.

I would like to applaud POF’s CEO Markus Frind for his conscious decision to offer a more secure space for his users in terms of online dating and relationship-building. His act of setting policies to discourage people from using POF as means for sexual advances in bed is commendable. The bait-and-switch, I mean, the bait-and-dump trick that an online dater remarks on her bad experience with another dater, and the “How to get laid on PlentyOfFish” article, would be prime examples of unfavourable situations in need to be suppressed. Frind is doing something that sets his site apart from many other relationship-building sites, he is encouraging a productive, in addition to a friendly and positive environment for people to learn about generating experience in online dating. If people learn, they gain valuable experience. If they gain valuable experience, they gain valuable skills. If they gain valuable skills, then as Frind states, “the better the business is”.



Nuttall, Jeremy. “POF boss gives sex pests the boot.” 24hrs 4 Jun. 2013: 3. Print.

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