Musing: Bioshock Infinite’s Ending

There’s something that rings within my view of life in terms of watching the ending to Bioshock Infinite.

The tears that become ubiquitous throughout the gameplay. The complex web of lighthouses amidst a wideless expanse of sea. The infinite doors – metaphorically speaking.

My view of life is…more or less variable in terms of quantum considerations.  Sure, for the sake of my point, the essence of rationality and irrationality are there, but are they really there? It depends on the complementary aspect of the situation at hand. Hence, I do analyze the situation in the past, present, and future, making meaning and integrate them in terms of my view of life. Agreed, rationality has its flexibility, but it is not something I view as complementary to my view on life.

Rationality is its inverse – irrationality, and its inverse is rational. Hm….no wonder I am fast fans with the NPC pair of Luteces.

“Musing: Bioshock Infinite’s Ending” was published on June 7, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at

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