Musing: On business versions of social media platforms

LinkedIn is the business version of Facebook of social media platforms. In addition, LinkedIn is one of the many casual-to-business social platforming trends sweeping across cyberspace as of now.

Potential employers may seek out their employee’s Facebook profiles, but they would more than likely seek out their employee’s LinkedIn profiles.

I have attended several LinkedIn discussions and tutorials at UBC Career Services”, and the similarity ends with both being social media platforms. I remember my Careers Supervisor emphasizing on how the profile picture has to look professional, no flashing clothing, and not looking like you just got out of a bar shitfaced.

In addition, we also have Yammer (The Entreprise Social Network). I have never used Yammer before, but judging from what I could tell in a 10 second span, its GUI is quite similar to Facebook at first glance. I am pretty sure that there is a business version of Twitter given this professional potential.

So, here’s the answer to the “Where Now?” question. A mobile phone application that builds off Nintendo 3DS’s Streetpass feature comes to mind. Since no one -has- to physically meet face to face with other businessmen using the application, there is a higher sense of anonymity. You may use this feature to advertise your company, or share business-related ideas in a free unrestrained environment, in Twitter-sized pieces of text. Of course, this is just a tentative concept that I have came up with, and there’s always the overarching fear of disclosing too much information, but there’s definitely potential to enhance the social networking, and ultimately the advertising of different companies that the users of the mobile phone application would represent.

A tentative name that I shall propose for this social media platform would be “Downtown Intersection”. Given that the main intersections in the downtown sector of a developed city would be at its busiest during the weekdays with business people and motorists crossing paths at a routine rhythm, the only thing that would be busier than commuters and motorists would be what is going on in their heads. Another name that I have came up with in my head would be “Coffee Walker” which I had to mentally scrap as it sounds more like a game application than a social media application.

“Musing: On business versions of social media platforms” was published on June 8, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at

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