Musing: On the NSA scare as of late

Musing/Devil’s Advocate: As of late, the NSA isn’t the first widespread surveillance institution in the States impacting us in our contemporary lives with a wide-spread scare.

It may definitely be an official “avenue”, but c’mon now, isn’t everyone surveilling each other through avenues such as corporate tabloids, discussion forums, as well as blog content, social media, and covertly taken photos and videos?

Perhaps its just me having experienced PRC’s “River Crab” (aka the Great Fire Wall of China) phenomenon that I could offer a deja-vu dissent. Surveillance is everywhere, be it in the states or the PRC. I do not understand why people would suddenly flick the panic switch when the said surveillance is made apparent. Note that I did not use the adverb “suddenly“. It seems like netizens of today are quick to exaggerate and bear their arms of protest. Not that I have anything against campaigning a protest, but please, stop treating this surveillance as a new phenomenon. To treat it as such would be irrational, and hypocritical. Oh, and the States isn’t the only intelligence gathering institution in the world.

“Musing: On the NSA scare as of late” was published on June 12, 2013, which is part of my past internship work. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

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