Musing: What I miss about Hong Kong

Given that this is my fourth year in Vancouver I thought I should probably consider what I miss (and not miss) about Hong Kong. This will be a two-part posting, with the first part musing on what I miss about Hong Kong.

What I miss:

1. There is always a 7-11 or a Micky D five minutes or less away from your residence.

I remembered initially living in Vancouver and being baffled that I have to at least take a bus or a car ride to get around. There used to be a 7-11 near the place I lived before it was decommissioned. That took me ten minutes minimum to get over there. The nearest McDonalds would probably take me half an hour to 45 minutes to get there by foot. Which brings us to…

2. Efficient and cheap means of transportation.

You have trams, the MTR, the buses, the fast and furious red minibuses, and of course, the Taxis. The fares, although they have been hiking up and up, is still, on average, less than the fares in Vancouver. A Translink ticket – a 2 zone fare sets you back $4, which is about $32 HKD. If I want to travel in Hong Kong from, say North Point to Tsuen Wan, it’s going to set me back less than a toonie – $12.8 HKD on adult fare. Oh, and Hong Kong has dirt cheap tram services on the Island. For way less than a $1 CDN, you can commute on the tram from home to work and vice versa.

3. Hong Kong has the Octopus Card for convenient purchases.

With a carrying limit of $1000 HKD, one could use it at a convenience store, on public transportation, and at McDonalds just to name a few. I doubt the up and coming Compass card in Vancouver would function beyond the Translink bus and train networks.

4. Lower price range of food in Hong Kong.

Okay, the food in Hong Kong is incomparably…less appetizing than the food in Vancouver. This is a point that I could have left in my next blog post, but at the same time, the food in Hong Kong (despite its rampant price hikes) is cheaper than the food in Vancouver.

5. I miss Hong Kong Martial arts movies!

By living in Vancouver I will be missing out on the latest martial arts movies that would hit the screens in Hong Kong theatres!

“Musing: What I miss about Hong Kong” was published on June 12, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

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