Musing: Am I a cat or a dog person?

Cat Person Vs Dog Person (Image from )
Cat Person Vs Dog Person (Image from

I am going to admit it. I am a canine-crazy person, perhaps more so than felines. However, I am going to judge myself with this chart at hand.

“Tell me about yourself.” I have been asked this question several times, whether I am summoned in from a job interview, or attending a casual business/environment/friendly social. This question is quite two-pronged for me, as I have two different answers, depending on whether I am engaged in with creating change within the meso and micro levels of society. The meso level of society includes my personal roles and values in working with a team or a group of friends, contributing ideas that I have found to be interesting and productive, throwing in the occasional humour with close friends that will cause them to groan comedically The micro level involves the me-time in which I do what I love, writing, and checking out the latest TED talk, Upworthy article, or Top Gear’s episodes on the Beeb.

Hm…with this stated I guess I have already fulfilled both categories of a cat and a dog person as being both aloof and outgoing…though a bit more towards being aloof. I can strike up a lively conversation with strangers, though perhaps I personally am a little bit cliquey, finding security in a close-knit group of friends. So the verdict of category one goes to me having a bit of a cat personality in terms of selfhood despite being canine-crazy. Uh-oh.

“Less traditional vs more extroverted” This has stumped me in terms of how these two outlooks on life could be considered contrasting to each other. But given I take interest in analysing stuff in the daily newspapers au contemporaire more so than dead authors’ writing, and that I lean a little bit more to being somewhat an introvert in my free time despite me functioning pretty well in a group environment…hm…I guess another point goes to me having a bit of a cat personality. I can feel that the canine side of me is at risk already.

I think I fall right in the middle in terms of being more creative and more agreeable in terms of my actions. I don’t focus on agreeing with others so much as me being creative with an integrative solution. And in terms of an integrative solution, I create mental comparisons between our ideas to synergize a win-win idea that takes the best out of everybody’s opinions. I try to be not just agreeable, but credible, using everyone’s good points to everyone’s good credits. Hence I’d say that I’m on an even playing ground with both points with regards to my actions with others.

Am I more neurotic or am I less neurotic? I definitely check my watch from time to time just to make sure that not just I, but everybody is on time. The more I am late for something, the more concerned I become. Though at the same time, I try to possess a bit of a sociological mindset and think of our actions as being in harmony with society for better or for worse. Another tie.

I can definitely be open and conscientious, but of course, when I am around my peers, I tend to retain more of a conscientious mindset. It is definite that the number of peers that I have met, and formed relationships far exceeds the close knit group of friends that I can be comfortable with being open to, so, I’m definitely a canine person on this one.

I’m a meow with a woof-obsession.

It seems as though despite me being canine-crazy, I’m more of a cat person according to this personality test. But again, this graph highlights the stereotypes that people have about cats and dogs. It all depends on nurture as well as nature, so I’m taking this comparison with a pinch of salt and a pinch of good analytical fun.

“Musing: Am I a cat or a dog person?” is published on June 27, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

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