Article Response – Re: Metro Vancouver’s “Put your 3D-printed foot forward”

There seems to be quite the trend in the daily papers regarding 3D printer technology being used in medical transplants.

Experimental transplantations and prostheses on people would result in considerably a lot more potential controversies and lawsuiting should the procedure go wrong. I am not saying that I advocate for experimenting on animals, but compared to using people, using a guinea pig, er…duck to move this medical breakthrough forwards would entail less of the said hurdles.

It was just about half a month ago that an article on the medical usage of 3-D printers to “print” an organ for transplant hit the papers of the Vancouver Metro. This “Zoom” article just shows how progressively influential 3D technology has been used in medical breakthroughs. According to this article, in addition to the prosthetic foot that Buttercup, the duck, received, 3-D printer prosthetics have been used to construct a titanium lower jaw, and a prosthetic hand.

Prosthetic hands are not new breakthroughs, but the technology that has been used nowadays by 3D printers has pretty much revolutionized the medical industry. In an industry where the slightest miscalculation and lack of attention to detail will entail fatal consequences, 3D printers have been able to offer much more efficient, if not meticulous, means of “printing” than former processes. Now if only society can keep the ball rolling to use precision instruments to construct more tools that will benefit society and not contemporary war efforts.

“Article Response – Re: Metro Vancouver’s “Put your 3D-printed foot forward”” is published on July 5, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

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