Musing: Not a fan of the Anime Community, and Pretz over Pocky

Ah, pocky. The rite of passage for any otaku, Japanophiles, and *cringe* weeaboos in the anime community.

Who knew that a simple chocolate fudge covered biscuit stick would be that popular amongst the anime and otaku communities. I’ve been to an anime convention once, and it doesn’t take 10 minutes for me to hear these buzz words. The only reason is pocky is featured in a bunch of anime, so…these anime fans and cosplayers want to emulate these anime characters. Which in turn leads to pocky being a fad and then an implied “rite of passage”.

Am I sounding like a fan of anime culture in general? Well, I do like to watch the occasional Doraemon or Black Lagoon, but should I go around dressing in a character, and always throwing these peace signs like they are getting out of fashion? No, it’s not that I’m not trying to be uber-cute, I’m just trying to retain my sanity.

This is the tip of the iceberg regarding my distaste in being a part of the anime community. I’ve personally been to Japan, and having been used to living in a big city for the past 15 years (Hong Kong, anyone?), I can say that Tokyo is, meh, just another big city, but with insanely high prices. Though I did have some interest in browsing about at a Daimaru and checking out bento meals. Having said that, Japan is one of the few places where you can have a coin that’s worth 50 HKD, (the useful 500 yen coin no doubt). Thankfully, I also had the good opportunity to visit Aomori-shi, where a meal for four is thankfully considerably lower than a meal for four in Tokyo.

Moving on…

I’m personally much more of a fan of Pretz,  and I confess, partly the reason so is because I can distance myself from the mainstream anime community, and partly because I like the savouriness of the tomato-flavoured Pretz sticks. Furthermore, the chocolate fudge that is on Pocky is just so disgustingly sweet. If I have to choose in terms of Japanese chocolate brands, I’d go for something pricier like Royce’.

“Musing: Not a fan of the Anime Community, and Pretz over Pocky” is published on July 14, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

One thought on “Musing: Not a fan of the Anime Community, and Pretz over Pocky

  1. torisunanohokori

    Yeah, I really don’t get the pocky obsession. It’s about on the level of oreos taste-wise, ok but not exceptional and certainly not Reeses or anything from a good bake shop. I’d call it a fad except it’s gone on for 10 years or more. 😛


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