Musing: On drawing canine/feline noses

One little thing that has been starting to bother me in terms of anthropomorphic drawings is that nostrils are often missing from canine and feline noses.

I do understand it is for simplicity’s sake, but perhaps I am thinking a bit too much about it. To keep it short, I think it is just unrealistic. It may be somewhat difficult to draw the two indents but that’s what guides are for. Even a pixel or two would make all the difference. Just because the nose is black or of a dark enough colour doesn’t mean you can shirk work from it. Just merely drawing a shiny triangle doesn’t seem right to me.

Am I a professional artist? I hardly think so. Am I an amateur artist? Yes, but not quite. I think I am more of a pro-am artist, leaning a tad bit to the amateur side. There are tutorials out there for one to draw realistically – whether they are for or nonprofit is not a defining variable.

“Musing: On drawing canine/feline noses” is published on July 27, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

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