Responses to Articles – Re: Metro Vancouver’s “This rainbow is here to stay” and “Pope Francis reaches out to gays”

Pride week, rainbow road crossings, the upcoming pride parade, and the Pope’s message of compassion to the gay community. It is a turn for the better in our society.

I have yet to visit the rainbow crosswalks at Davie and Bute in the west end, but as a queer advocate, it is a good spending of the city’s money in where it is geographically known as the heart of the gay village. However, we must remember that the gay village in question is considerably upscale, socially and economically. Even putting the gay village in consideration, I am hesitant to view it as the only gay community in Vancouver. I believe that the rainbow is not just here to stay, but it is also here to be propagated across Vancouver. I believe the advocacy of pride should be spread beyond just the Vancouver area into Burnaby in Richmond, touching and connecting with immigrant LGBT communities, so as to not create a prideful and fabulous community that is hiding the illusion of an elite and exclusive class of gaygeoisie.

I do not identify myself with the (a)theistic terms per se, but having said that, I am in favour of Pope Francis’ recent reaching out to gays, stating “Who am I to judge?”. Although his comments did not signal a change in particular church policies, as the Metro Vancouver article states, it is definitely a step in the right direction. His comment shall gain the support of both Christian LGBTQs and non-Christian, non-atheistic, and non-identified queers such as me.

With all these positive sentiments, it is unfortunate that I shall conclude on a “regrettable” note. It is next to impossible to basically come out as queer, especially to immigrant parents (don’t even get me started on Asian parents and homophobia, it’s an “improper”-in-scare-quotes discussion that will be a separate article of discussion in itself”. I was basically told that it was “improper” of me to attend a pride parade of scantily clad people. I definitely know that if I raise my own kids in the future, I will not allow such discriminatory remarks and family values to hurt my kids in an increasingly accepting society.

“Responses to Articles – Re: Metro Vancouver’s “This rainbow is here to stay” and “Pope Francis reaches out to gays” was published on July 31, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .
The said news article was posted in the Metro Vancouver Paper on pages 1 and 5, on July 30, 2013.

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