Article Response – Re: Metro Vancouver’s “Al Jazeera aims to shake up U.S. broadcast news”

More journalism – less yelling. The lead of this article provides a spot-on definition of what news is about

According to Joie Chen, U.S. news is driven…to reach the widest audience with the shallowest coverage. Chen once worked as a CNN and CBS news anchor. I personally do not really check out American news – one of the reason being I’m Canadian, I live in Vancouver, and I get Canadian news. Though having said that, I remember the channels that my university dorm offered during my university years had American news channels from Seattle.

But I digress.

When I think of American news, I think of FOX news and CNN. FOX news is simply au contraire to “less opinion, less yelling, and fewer celebrity sightings”. I don’t need to know about Kim Kardashian or Snooki getting in the limelights of the paparazzi. For this point, I’m not singling out American paparazzi news as bull – all paparazzi news are of bull. And I have not forgiven CNN for their racial bashings. By correlative logic if you are going to call Chinese people the same bunch of goons and thugs they were 50 years ago, doesn’t that make the CNN news network’s view on social justice 50 years out of date?

Enough of my rant on the sorry state of American news media today. If I want to watch a sitcom or emotional drama, I’d watch a sitcom or an emotional drama. I prefer learning and being aware to stories that may be ignored and washed under by the irresponsible tides of media power. Al Jazeera’s opening of a branch in America is an overarching saviour reaching to a sinking ship. Less on advertising the latest 99c burger and more on telling news that matter.

Good move, Al Jazeera.

“Article Response – Re: Metro Vancouver’s “Article Response – Re: Metro Vancouver’s “Al Jazeera aims to shake up U.S. broadcast news”” is published on August 21, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

The said news article was posted in the Metro Vancouver Paper on page 7, on August 20, 2013.

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