Growing up across Kai Tak

Growing up across Kai Tak has harboured many memories from my childhood in Hong Kong.

During my many, many years spent in Hong Kong, I grew up across Kai Tak Airport. The Victoria Bay is what seperates North Point of Hong Kong island, where I stayed, and the airport in Kowloon.

As I am typing this right now, I am back in Hong Kong after my long and enjoyable stay in Vancouver, job hunting away. I take a break to stare across the Bay. The airport has long been gone, and in its replacement, a terminal nearing its final stages of completion, ready to welcome luxuriant cruise ships from around the world. The terminus occupies the at least half of the runway, the very runway that I would stare out of the window of my bedroom as a kid to spectate on the airlines that takes off many years ago.

I remembered taking a bus a year or two ago on the highway overlooking the old airport grounds from the Kowloon side. Hazard lines were still prevalent on the very grounds that they used to serve a purpose. Left weathered by the countless rainstorms and typhoons, they serve as but a distant memory of the good old days.

Soon I will be seeing the joys of passengers embarking and disembarking from their journeys. It may no longer be by air, but the journeys that they modern day Kai Tak will host on the sea will still bring a smile to my face.

“Growing up across Kai Tak” is published on September 7, 2013, which is part of my muses. Read more about Vincent Wong’s work at .

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