An Accidental Time Capsule

It has been four to five years since I came across the stuff that has been packed up. From what I’ve heard, several rooms in my Hong Kong home underwent a restructuring of purposes and propriety. The piano room has become a bedroom for a cousin, and my room became that of my older sister. It is understandable a re-appropriating of space is inevitable with regards to living in one of the densest priciest real estate lands in the world, courtesy of Hong Kong. My temporary leave of Hong Kong to study in Vancouver serves as further reason for the transformation. With the transformation of space, items and trinkets that belonged to me had been packed up in a small box during my stated absence, relegated to a store room. I did come back to Hong Kong during a summer and two, and a winter, but I had forgotten about them already. It was not until the store room underwent a process of stated re-appropriation as my bedroom that my box of stuff was brought to me. The nostalgia of stuff from my childhood, the things that I owned, brought a slight tear to my eyes.

Wikitionary quotes a time capsule as “A sealed container, buried at some location, that contains records of contemporary life – to be rediscovered in the distant future.” I think the box served as a mini time capsule in terms of duration with respect to the definition of “distant future”. It was buried amongst the countless boxes and carton containers within the store room. I wouldn’t say that my goods are of some grandiose scheme, of some gigantic influence in terms of “records of contemporary life”, but the box contains significant interests of mine 5 years ago and more.

I have unfortunately thrown away many of the Pokemon cards that I owned, realizing that my interest in the cards was short-lived, and that I did not have the satisfaction that I once thought I would have owned. On the other hand, I kept my GBA and Gameboy game paks and unofficial multicarts containing my Pokemon games, though I doubt the save files would still exist after all these years. There were some old exercise books from my high school years that got mixed into the bunch, and an old Ricoh and Polaroid iZone camera, hopefully containing more images of bygone years. Oh, and sketchbooks containing pretty horribly drawn anthropomorphic characters, their postures haphazard. Eh….some things are best kept closed into the box until I forget about them. I know it is quite the chronological cycle, but sometimes, some sleeping dogs should lie.

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