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EXP Restaurant & Bar 值得再「玩」多一回。

(This was originally written in English on July 27, 2013. You may read the original post here.)

EXP Restaurant & Bar 是一個人人電子遊戲娛樂文化為主題的餐廳和酒吧,位處於溫哥華West Pender Street。從Triforce Burger到Red Dead Lemonade ,對於打機迷是真的不可以錯過。

因為不想排長龍,所以就跟朋友在六點之前去這個餐廳吃晚餐。進入大門就看見一個 Street Fighter 3的街機櫃。

脫了光致變色眼鏡之後,才發現餐廳真的是一片漆黑。坐下時也發現餐廳各處都有電視機廣播Legend of Zelda和Marvel vs Capcom的遊戲。餐牌飲食的名字全部都跟流行的遊戲文化有關。越看越有趣。服務員走過來兩三次,問我們是否可以下單,但我已經被這些特別的餐牌迷上了!我真的很想祝賀寫餐牌的撰稿人!

最後,我訂了一個Triforce Burger。

根據餐牌的Triforce Burger, 漢堡的牛肉餅是真的有一個Triforce (三個三角形的符號)烙在上面。加上,漢堡還有炸雞胸肉、兩條煙肉、生菜、黃油麵包,和香脆薯條。我也很久沒有吃過一些凍了一樣脆的薯條。全個晚餐真的是美味無窮!

我真的會呼籲其他朋友跟未來同事來EXP Restaurant & Bar,尤其是由美國來加拿大的朋友。這將會是他們吃飯的第一個去處。餐廳的食物跟氣氛真的是念念難忘。好像埋單上的字眼說”Please Play Again!”,真是值得再來「玩」多一回。



Musing: EXP Restaurant + Bar Deserves Replay Value

EXP Restaurant and Bar is a video game culture themed restaurant. From the Triforce Burger to the Red Dead Lemonade, this establishment along West Pender Street is one not to miss.

I’ve just been to EXP Restaurant and Bar earlier this evening with friends. I didn’t want to wait in a long line for the tables, so I decided to come along for an early dinner at 6pm. The first thing that caught my eye was a Street Fighter III arcade machine.

The restaurant was dark, partly because I was wearing my transition lenses glasses. When we were sat down, I started looking around the place. There were TVs everywhere, broadcasting gameplays of Legend of Zelda and Marvel vs Capcom. The waitress dropped by a couple of times to check on us, asking us whether we were ready to order. I had to ask for a bit more time because I was just fascinated with the amount of effort the copywriting team had used to make video game references.

I ordered the Triforce Burger.

According to the menu, the Triforce Burger consists of a burger patty with the triforce seared into it, a fried chicken breast, two slices of bacon, and lettuce on a buttered bun with fries. It filled me right up to the brim. THe fries were amazing. Even though they had cooled when I finished my burger, they retained their crispy crunchy texture instead of going soggy on me.

I would definitely recommend EXP Restaurant and Bar to my friends and future colleagues. If I have any gaming friends coming in from the States, this will be the first location for dinner for them. Great food, great ambience, great theme, and great service. My receipt concludes by proudly exclaiming “Please play again!”

You know what? This restaurant earns a replay value of A+. Although I don’t drink alcohol, go ahead, order some beer, and enjoy eating in video game heaven.

-insert trademark Legend of Zelda's Acquisition sound effect here-

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EXP Restaurant and Bar is located at 309 W. Pender Street in Downtown, Vancouver, BC. You can find their official website here.