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Re: The mysterious situation of Flight MH370

Common logic follows that should Flight MH370 have crashed, its debris would be strewn all over the Gulf of Thailand. As explained multitude of times in the newspapers over the past four days, the impossibility of not leaving any traces or remnants has sent the situation and ultimate fate of the plane into not just uncertainty and doubt, but into the uncanny valley. Hence, I am tentative at referring to the mysterious situation of the fate of Flight MH370 as a crash.

Recurring possibilities have been outlined in the stated papers, such as the plane having faced unsafe flying conditions and did a 180, somehow going off the radar, spontaneous explosion at some altitude above sea level, or possible hijacking. These potential hypotheses are insufficient at best. If the plane has faced unsafe flying conditions and was forced to turn back, surely it must have landed at one of the many airports in Malaysia or the cities along the south east Asian coast? The radar situation may be possible, but information relating to bad weather, technical problems were not present prior to the plane going off the radar. In terms of spontaneous explosion, that is definitely uncertain at best, given the debris would have been present should such a disaster have happened. Possible hijacking may be an answer, but it would be reckless to tie a hijacking issue to, say, several passengers traveling on stolen passport information during immigration.

With respect to social media, crowdsourcing operation is at full swing in locating, contributing, and sharing more information regarding the crash at Tomnod, a website allowing for the pinpointing of locations as to where the crash would have happened. Using the crowdsourcing information, researchers hope to triangulate and concentrate the physical scope of the most probable location of the crash, thus helping the international military plus search-and-rescue effort in gaining more information about the crash at hand.

If you wish to contribute more information regarding the crash in co-ordination with the international organizations and institutions, please help now. 25,000 people and counting are already participating at large at http://www.tomnod.com/nod/challenge/malaysiaairsar2014.